About this site

What is it?

It’s a bunch of lists of related things that you might like to do. The lists are called communities, and the things to do are achievements. Joining a community is cheap, and sometimes free, so you can try the site, or dabble in a list without a big commitment.

The communities are ideas that interest me, or I know something about, but in future I’ll be adding more contributors who will create communities related to their interests.

No prizes (yet), no plaudits for getting most achievements, or being the first to complete a community, just a bit of fun and a handy place to find a bucket list.

Why? Just… why?

A couple of years ago, I developed a passion for Shakespeare, and realized that I couldn’t keep track of what I’d seen and where. Coupled with the idea that I couldn’t remember what Hook Norton Brewery Company beers I had tried, or which Terry Pratchett books I had read, the idea for this web site started to form.

No pictures or messaging?

There are other social media sites that handle those things far better than I can, and with social media comes social responsibility. With no photos and no messaging, it is harder to become engaged in the more distasteful side of the internet, and you can concentrate on finding cool things to do.

For similar reasons, you can’t log on using other social media sites or your email address. These things all change, and are not secure. I wouldn’t like my little site to be responsible for your safety on the internet being compromised.

I have plans to allow friends and members of communities to keep each other up to date with their plans and achievements, so watch this space.

What’s next?

Location, location, location. With mobile internet to the fore, I’d like to add location services, and let you know what you could achieve by just walking around the corner this evening.

Prizes! Not for having more achievements than other people, but to recognize personal milestones. They won’t be what you expect!

What’s up? Want to know when an achievement is added to one of your communities, that’s on its way. Or when a new community is added that might be of interest to you? That’s coming too.

Friends and family. If you want to let your friends know that you’ve completed an achievement, or that you have plan? I’m working on it.