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Your personal information

We will not sell, lease, rent or give your information to anyone else without your express permission.

You will be given an explanation and your permission will be asked on every community where it is required.

If you do not give your permission, you may not be allowed to join that community.

Once you have given your permission, you can withdraw that permission at any time, but you may lose access to the community.

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The only time we will ask for your password is when you are signing on to the site, never in an email or other personal communication.


All charges are made through PayPal, no card information or PayPal account information is held by this site.

There is no charge to be a member of this site, we only ask you to pay for the communities that you join.


Community names and descriptions are clear, and you are asked to confirm your desire to join a community during the payment process, so there should be no need for refunds.

In cases where a refund is agreed, it will be given in the form of free community registrations.

Contacting us

Please contact us with comments and queries here .

Submissions to the site

All submsssions to the site are reviewed. Bad language and inappropriate posting will, either explicit, or implied will not be tolerated and will be removed.

Members who ignore this rule will be warned, suspended, or removed fromthe site permanently. No refunds for community membership will be offered.

Usernames and passwords

it is your responsibility to keep your username and password safe.

Please see here for details about creating a secure password.

See the agreement here.