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  Welcome to Iggu.
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You’re interested in games, right?
Tired of beating the computer at Patience and Hearts?
Need a break from the thumb punishing button frenzy of your games console?
Screen on your handheld looking a bit small?
Don’t want to stay up all night to keep up in the latest online multi-player game?
Ever played Chess by letter?
Then Iggu is for you.
The aim of Iggu is to reintroduce you to games where strategy and planning are more important than reaction times and line speeds.
The idea is simple: -
  • Sign Up and become a player

  • Join or start as many games as you like.

  • When it’s your turn, you will receive an email.

  • Take your turn through the Iggu web site within the time allowed by the game.
Win… or lose… but most of all, enjoy the games.
And the cost? Nothing, or as near to nothing as I can make it.
Don’t delay, Sign Up today… and remember, the faster you play, the more fun you will have!